Cappers are machines that carry out the operation of capping of bottles, , jars and other food containers, by means of metal, plastic, cork closures.
The operation of the machine depends on the type of closures, which can be:

  • screw: They are already threaded and are screwed onto the socket of the container;
  • roll-on: before being applied are smooth; the thread is created by compressing the closure (necessarily aluminum) around the thread of the bottle by means of special rollers
  • twist-off: they are the typical capsules for glass jars. They are applied in a similar way to the screw , but much less rotation is required to complete the screwing;
  • press & twist: they are equipped with a plastisol seal that expands by conforming to the container thread during steam vacuum closure
  • crown: typically used for glass bottles, are made of metal with polymer seal on the inside. They are made to adhere to the mouth of the bottle through a hollow spindle that folds the edge.
  • cork or synthetic: exerts vertical compression on the head of the cap that enters the mouth of the container and subsequently expands, ensuring tightness.

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