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Labeller machines are automatic machines for applying labels with different technologies: they can be glue (cold or hot), self-adhesive or wrapping (shrink and stretch sleeve).

Labeller machines with cold glue, labels fixed on a cylinder receive the adhesive from a special cylinder impregnated with glue with which they come into contact. The labels are then applied to the packaging while removing the air underneath the brushes and rollers.

In systems with hot glue (“hot-melt”), hot melt adhesives are applied to the product with rollers or nozzles. The area to be decorated of the product then comes into contact with the label positioned on the dispenser. This system is widely used at the end of the bottling line for the application of pre-cut wrapping labels on bottles.

The self-adhesive labels are pre-glued and are applied to the product by simple contact. They can be provided with a protective silicon paper support (liner) or not. In this second case, the printed face itself is anti-adhesive, and application is faster because the separation of the label from the liner is avoided.

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