Relocation and transport of machines and lines

Relocation, transport

To avoid unnecessary interruptions in daily working life and possible economic losses, Teampack s.r. could offer to its customers all the knowledge acquired over the years, like:

  • Transfer of a single machine or an entire line
  • Disassembly, assembly and installation services
  • Collection of industrial waste in agreement with specialized bodies to ensure proper disposal
  • Engineering design for possible machine or plant repositioning
  • Complete and certified overhaul of the machinery or the entire plant.


1. Inspection

A specialized team of technicians and engineers will come to your plant to verify with you which is the best solution to carry out the machinery. On the same day, the conditions and the state of wear of the machine will be evaluated, so you can also plan any revisions and/ or updates. The presence of industrial waste, which requires special disposal ( ex , (es. CER 170904/CER150105/ CER 150106 ecc), the same will be managed respecting the current regulations.

2. Budget

After having carried out the inspection together with the customer, the action times are defined; in the meantime our technicians together with the commercial will evaluate the most appropriate solution in order to carry out the operation agreed with you.

3. Disassembly

After having planned and agreed in details the modalities in agreement with the customer, the activity will start. Our specialized technicians will work at your site taking all the necessary security measures to carry out the activities. After that, all activities related to the disassembly of the machine and/or the plant will begin. This activity requires careful attention to the disconnection of the electrical system and after the mechanical disconnection, both of which will be accurately marked and made traceable according to the methods illustrated during the negotiation phase.

4. Revision

Upon request of the customer the machinery and/ or the plant can be overhauled by us mechanically and reset electrically and electronically. Such operation can be planned and quantified in detail with appropriate preventive study.

5. Displacement and start-up

Displacement and start-up: the machine and/or the plant will be adequately repositioned and connected, and then perform the first part of blank test with subsequent phase of performance test and start-up in production.

The advantages of following this process are countless and the goal of Teampack s.r.l is to guarantee the customer:

  • Complete safety in all machine movement operations, whether within the same production facility or elsewhere.
  • Insurance against handled goods
  • No surprise in terms of costs
  • Maintenance of machinery both during transport and during upgrading
  • Reduced and reliable customer time ahead of production restart


Smontaggio serbatoio presso stabilimento Levissima ( Tank disassembly at Levissima plant)

Trasferimento n°3 macchinari dalla stabilimento Menz&Gasser ( n° 3 Machineries tranfer from Menz&Gasser factory)

Spostamento di una linea nello stesso stabile( Line trasfer in the same plant)