Project Description

Bender GUK FA36/4 ST2

For further information please download the technical format


CODE: PGT 22 06 025
Years of construction: 2000
Max speed: 30.000 fogli/h
Number of fold pockets: 4
Min width foil: 85 mm
Max width foil: 360 mm
Min length foil: 140 mm
Max length foil: 650 mm
Product worked: Foil
Machine dimensions: (mm) 1.090 x 770 mm
Weight: 180 kg
Electrical power supply: 400V 50Hz

Power: 2 kW

Noise: 84 dB (A)
Machine condition: Excellent condition
Warranty: 12 months, only in case of revision ( optional)
Where to audit: Teampack S.r.l showroom