Teampack Staff

With many years of experience in the industrial sector, Teampack Srl and its team have been able to specialize in the transfer of industrial plants. 

Teampack S.r.l. offers the following services: 

  •      study and preparation of a final layout of the lines;
  •      rescue or mass of new PLC programs, when necessary;
  •      development of wiring, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams;
  •      packaging and safety for the transport phase;
  •      loading and unloading;
  •      replacement and connection of the line;
  •      start of the line.

To transfer an industrial plant are necessary technical equipments and above all, multi-sectoral and in-depth knowledge to be applied individually to each case. The technical team of  Teampack S.r.l. gained experience over the years among the major Italian food processing plants, that is one of the reason because Teampack Srl boasts great ability in the field of industrial transfer.