Technical skills, engineering and our services

The plants, or the single industrial machineries, reconditioned by us have a year of warranty. Our staff make maintenance services for the most important realities of the Italian food industry with the efficiency and experience gained by many years of hard work.

Every single machinery provided by us is scrupulously assembled and tested.

The company has always updated itself regarding the regulations in force in the food worlds and regarding work safety offering its clients services to guarantee safe production plants  in accordance with the existing safety rules.

Furthermore, Teampack S.r.l. offers consulting about every aspect of the industrial plant design in the food worlds.

Teampack S.r.l. ‘s Headquarters are based in Bagnacavallo, near SP121 county road.

The industrial site of over 3000 square meters has been created according to the present  and the future production needs and it is at the customers’ disposal.

For these reasons, we are ready for the next challenges. Our mission is the costumer satisfaction and to build solid relationship of trust with our customers.

The range of Teampack services

The services offered by Teampack are different:

  • Assistancemaintenancerestructuring, sale and transfer of industrial plants and for Companies or for third parties;
  • Constructionassembly and  maintenance of electric boards on automatic machines in general;
  • Retail and wholesale commerce of consumer materials and  spare parts of automatic machines in general;
  • Used machineries sale;
  • Revisionmaintenance and regulation of used industrial machineries coming from food industry plants.