Project Description

Filler Simonazzi Eurostar 100-20T (21H)

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CODE: RMP 19 07 038
Year of production: 2001
Max speed: 30.000 bph
Current size (ml): 330 ml
Container material: PET – Glass
Worked product: Water
Number of valves: 100
Machine type: Rotary
Working direction: Counterclockwise
Type of transfer: Transfer star wheels
CO2: Yes
Capper: Brand Arol
Number of capping heads: 20
Machine Pitch (mm): 112
Max. container height: 350 mm
Working surface heigth: 1150 mm
Machine dimensions (mm): 5400x1320x2520 mm + giostra
4000×2000 mm Ø
Electrical power: 400 V – 3 PH – 50 HZ
Power: 3 Kw
Pressure: 4 Atm
Machine condition: Excellent condition
Warranty: 12 months, only in case of revision ( optional)
Where to audit: Teampack S.r.l showroom